Our Services

Colorado carpet cleaning, a newly established cleaning company in Singapore, aims to provide you with quality cleaning services to ensure a healthy and functional environment. We may be new to this field, but we ensure that our cleaners are well-trained and efficient and we also set a high standard within our services.




Regular Home Cleaning


Our quality home cleaning allows regular cleaning and maintenance of your home. We have a team of trustworthy home-cleaning specialists to deliver high-quality services. You may choose your desired cleaning frequency: weekly, bi-weekly, or twice a week cleaning or even more frequent.


Standard cleaning task includes:


Surface Cleaning. Dusting of furnitures and wiping off surfaces. Tidying up of beds and sweeping of floors.


Vacuuming/Mopping. Sweeping and vacuuming of floors and carpets. Mopping of kitchen floor and other floor surfaces that require mopping.


Kitchen Cleaning. Wiping of kitchen countertops, stove top, cabinet doors, kitchen walls and appliance surface. Also includes scrubbing and polishing of sink surface and clearing of garbage.


Toilet Washing. Involves wiping of mirror and polishing of surfaces, washing, scrubbing, and disinfecting of toilet bowl, basin, bathtub, and shower enclosure. Washing and drying of floors and walls.



One-Time Cleaning


Our one-time cleaning service can be depending on your needs and requirements. You can request one-time cleaning service for instances like spring cleaning, moving out, moving in, post-tenancy, Hari Raya, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Ramadan and other special occasions; and after parties, as well.


Apart from conventional cleaning services, we can also do specialised cleaning in areas that need focusing. Specialised cleaning services include:


Window Cleaning. Your windows may need thorough cleaning once in a while. Window cleaning involves washing, polishing and damage detection. Maintenance is done when needed.


General Dusting. Dusting of entrance mats, carpets, crevices, corners and other areas. You may also request mat and carpet washing.


Laundry and Ironing. If additional laundry washing and ironing is required, please tell us and we’ll make you a quotation.